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      KaiPing ChaoSheng sanitary wares Co.Ltd.

      Add: No. 19 Zhongxing Road, Kaifa Zone, Shuinuan Industrial City, Shuikou Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province

      Phone: 0750-2710026、2715482

      Fax: 0750-2729713

      Zip code: 529321


      Company introductions

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      KaiPing ChaoSheng sanitary wares Co.Ltd. Kaiping Guangdong China is located in Shuikoou town named "The kingdom of China sanitary ware "It is specialized manufacturer and supplier of high and middle grade products.

      ChaoSheng company.Which was eatablished in 1990 has a  morden factory building qualified persons of management and qualified technical personnel. It is specialized in manaufacturing kitchen ,bath faucet, single lever faucet,flushing value and all kinds of we have always been abiding by the management principle of "set up China brand ,walk into the world "Our excellent quality product ,good services advanced technique and smart design of our products have gained the supports and trusts from customers of home and aborad.Also,by means of sales website,the majority of our products are exported to Europe ,Australia and southeast Asia,etc"   .

      Chaosheng company firmly insists on the principle of "opening up.bringing forth new ideas ,trying to be practial and pursuing high efficiency"We  sincerely welcome customers from all over the world here to give us advice,discuss business and cooperate with us to make better business prospects.